BEPOLUX BUSINESS LUNCH Brussels June 23rd 2016




H.E. Mr. Artur Harazim is terminating his diplomatic mission in Belgium. It was the occasion for the board and the members of BEPOLUX to thank Mr. Harazim for a period of excellent cooperation.  Many events organized by Bepolux have been supported by the Polish Embassy.  The cooperation resulted in a truly better understanding of the Belgian Polish relations.

Also Mr. Krzysztof TUROWSKI, Head of the Trade an d Investment Promotion section, was associated in the appraisal of Bepolux.  The cooperation with his section contributed in facilitating the approach of Belgian investors to Poland, and in a promotion of the Polish regions in Belgium.

During the meeting, Marcin Kujawski, Senior CEE economist at RZB BNP Paribas in Warsaw, made a presentation of the present Polish economic situation and an outlook for the next future.

Economic growth disappointed in Q1 with the economy expanding by just 3% compared to previous year. Recent monthly activity data remain rather lukewarm. Hence, we do not expect economic growth to have accelerated during April-June.  Construction sector is the weakest spot reflecting poor investment in the first half of the year.  Meanwhile, retail sales is faring well mirroring robust households’ spending. The presentation with the future economic outlook is made available on the Bepolux website here.

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